Summer School


Students enrolling in PE please scroll to the bottom and click on the Remedial Courses-HS Link. Each session offered will recover 1 Quarter of PE/Health.**

Welcome to Ridgewood Summer Academy at Ridgewood High School 2024

Registration for Summer School classes starts April 30, 2024 for remedial and New Credit Classes (Business and Math). If you are signing up for Test Prep classes, Auditing a Math class, Middle School Enrichment classes, or High School Enrichment classes registration is continuous. The cost of each class includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee. Tuition reimbursement will not be awarded after the completion of the first day of class should a student need to withdrawal for any reason. All courses are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of students required have not enrolled by the beginning of the session. 

Remedial and New Credit Class Attendance Policy: The attendance policy that the RHS Summer School follows has been laid out by the New Jersey Department of Education and stipulates that any student who exceeds 1 absence from school or accumulates tardiness that surpasses 30 minutes in a remedial or new credit class will forfeit their opportunity to receive credit for their course work. Please see the RHS Summer School Website for more details regarding the Attendance Policy. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the 
Summer School Principal at